Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Why everyone must read my book David and Bathsheba

Because it is about True Love and nothing less than that!

It is true that David and Bathsheba is a book based on a religious story, famous for its adultery, God’s justice and love. However, the book goes beyond these frames and it brings the story as if it is happening to the reader him/herself. The emotions, the dreams, the passion, the sin, the failures, the punishment, the guilt, the repentance, the search for peace; these are paths that we all cross, and see the characters not anymore as pulled from a biblical story, but rather from our own life. This is a book in which you will find David for who he was, not just someone picked by God for his perfect heart, but a human, a passionate man who fell in love with a woman married to someone else. This is a book in which God’s love shows its true colors toward humanity. He doesn't love because we are religious, faithful or perfect; he loves because it’s his nature to love despite all wrongs or rights. This is a book in which even if you don’t believe in God, you can still appreciate his role as a fictional character. He doesn't interfere; he doesn't punish. He lets justice act and in the end the love that two people share is rewarded by life itself.

I was always fascinated by the story. The fact that Solomon was born out of this very relationship baffled me and made me think: Why? If God doesn't like sin, if God didn't agree with the adultery, if God found this to be a sin, then why have these people go through the loss of a child and then let them be together again, why give them a king? The more I thought about all these WHY-s, the more I realized that the story wasn't about the sin, or a certain plan that God had. It was so much more than that. It was about LOVE. Often love reveals itself in the most impossible situations. This was the case with David and Bathsheba. To me, this story means simply hope for all who truly love. No matter how impossible things may be, when there is TRUE LOVE, there is always a happy ever after.

Now, if you really want to read a true love story: get David and Bathsheba here

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


It's difficult to be surrounded by people, to give, to love and not to be noticed, or even worse, to be taken for granted. You hope for some kind of recognition, some appreciation and gratefulness, yet all is silent. Noise starts only when you don't respond to the constant requests. What do you do? You realize that your existence is only visible when people ask something of you, not because you are. And in this world, we never are, unless we are asked for something. We never are given anything, unless we are taken everything, put down and buried until the only ones that celebrate our memory are the grass on our graves, the flowers on the cracked dirt and the birds that fly and sing of the silence we leave behind.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Ark - Aida Bode ©

He sent the raven,
it did not return.

The bird had no intentions of
fulfilling a man's wish to get out
of a boat.

Then Noah let the dove fly;
poor old man
fooled as it returned
pretending to hold
an olive branch.

He trusted the white bird
and let it take another flight,
only to find that he would have
to pick the olive branches
on his own.

Image: Gerhard Marcks_Noah Retrieves the Dove 1948

Saturday, March 29, 2014

It is good

When I was little I would help my mother with chores around the house. The most dreadful chore was dusting. I hated it! I would rather write my name on the dusted furniture than wipe it. The reason was simple. One time, I was so proud in how good a job I had done that I thought my mother would be happy. Instead she found a spot and told me to do it better next time. I was disappointed and I created this fake inpression of perfection that it's supposed to be the impecable exhibition of whatever we do. As time went by I realized that imperfections are a need for evolving. They make perfection real. I have learned that I don't need to attain perfection, but rather walk toward it and learn from whatever I find on the way. I have also learned that we don't need perfection, rather we need "GOOD". That's the every day companion we should hold on as we walk this amazing path called life.

Friday, March 28, 2014

Finding my tears

Here I am, commuting again. After a long day I am treated to wind, sunset and an endless horizon that stretches from my eye to Atlantic's lips. Somewhere there, in the deep throat of blue, is the shore where I came from, reminding me, it searches for my eyes, just like I search for its waves.